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If you are a Briggs, Crabtree, or Higginson Relative, click on the Crabtree/Higginson link above.

Grandma Amanda Myrtie Crabtree Briggs was born on her father's homestead farm in 1891. Over the years she told me stories of her growing up and stories about her grandparents. These stories were so interesting that I decided to write a book about my Crabtree/Higginson ancestors. With the help of cousins that I have met through email, the book has grown to 237 pages in length.

You can read the manuscript by clicking on the "Grandma and Me" icon on the right. Information on how to purchase a printed copy will be posted in the update.


If you are an Austin or a Leavenworth Relative, click on the Austin/Leavenworth link above.

Mort and Jennie Leavenworth Austin are my dad's parents who I never had the privilege of meeting. I am starting to research their families for a book about my Austin grandparents. If you have any stories about them or their siblings, I would love to hear them. You can find contact info for me on either the Update or the About Pages on this site. Names in the Austin/Leavenworth line are: Austin, Eldred, Hickock, Hulse, Knapp; Leavenworth, Ingram, Myers, Van Pelt, Laserlier.

Aida Austin was my Grandpa Mort Austin's sister and kept a diary the year she turned 20. You can read Aida's 1881 Diary in pdf's by clicking on the photo of the diary in the right hand column on this page. "Aida Austin's 1881 Diary" is now in print. If you are interested in a copy, contact me by email which you can find on the Update page.


With the last name Smith, our children should have lots of relatives and family information, right? Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I seem to have all the relatives.

I have a very few pictures of the Smith and Corbridge relatives, and have gathered a bit of information. In the Smith family, the furthest back I can trace is John W. Smith, born about 1841 in Livingston County, New York.

Other names in the Smith line: Wyatt and Goforth.
Other names in the Corbridge line: Boice, Luecking, and Rutes.


Fallin and Williams are names on the maternal side of my husband's family. There are also some cool names like Simmons and Puckett.