Grandpa Charles Mortimer “Mort” Austin Part II

Grandpa Austin died before my parents were ever married, so I did not have the privilege of meeting him. I have very few photos of him. There is a very favorite photo I have of him with some of the family sitting at the kitchen table, which I will post soon.

This photo is labeled Mort’s buggy.

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  1. weezy Says:

    from my mom:
    The picture of Mort and his wagon, is the one he used to go and meet the people at the train in Shohola, across the river from Barryville. People came up from NYC to our area and the thing people did was have boarding houses. Some people came and stayed all summer. I’d guess it would be very warm in the city in the hot summer. It was when I was living there during the yrs I was in Nurses’ Training.

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