Great Grandpa Clinton Briggs’ Farm

These are two of my granpa Briggs’ brothers, Carl and Howard.

My Great Grandpa Clinton Briggs’ home.

I think this is some of the Briggs Grandchildren with a Briggs uncle.

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  1. Mom Austin Says:

    I’m quite sure that this is U. Lewis. There is another picture where Laura and Mildred are on the horse, along with other cousins, I believe it may have been when my Grandpa Clint Lane Briggs had had a stroke and we had driven out from NJ to Nebr. He passed away while we were there.
    I believe.

  2. weezy Says:

    I wanted to put up the photo with A. Laura and A. Mildred, but I couldn’t find it right away. This one is a bit unclear, unfortunately. Thank you for the comment. Louise

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