Pine Glen, Nebraska, Home

After Bonesteel, South Dakota, John, Ida, Myrtie, Johnie (the spelling is correct), and LeRoy moved to property in Mondamin, Iowa, that John exchanged for his Bonesteel property, sight unseen. John’s mother Rachel went with them.

They were in Mondamin, Iowa 3 or 4 years, but each year the land flooded. They were able to sell the land and moved to Pine Glen, Nebraska. Mary Ida Crabtree was born while they were in Mondamin.

Here are some photos I have of their Pine Glen home. Rachel Crabtree died there in November of 1908. Mary Higginson Shattuck lived with them at one point, or at least that is what the 1910 census shows.

Of real interest to me is that a Higginson cousin, Raleigh Emry and two of his siblings still own this property. In fact, Raleigh’s family lived in the home for a few years when he was younger.

This is a photo Raleigh took in the 1950s of the Niobrara River Valley from a hill down river (same side), maybe a mile or so, and looking back toward the northwest from the Crabtree Pine Glen home. Keya Paha County is across the river.

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