Civil War Trees and Walls Women Built

When Cynthia and I visited the Sherman Buckley Leavenworth home, we were told a couple stories from the Civil War era.

Sherman B. and his wife Charlotte had 4 sons that were in the Civil War. (Son John served in the army in the west.) When their sons went off to war, four trees were planted, one for each of them. Two sons, Hezikiah and Atwell died, so their trees were cut down. The photos show the two trees that are still standing.

The other story relates how the women finished the walls the men had started before going to war by carrying the stones in their aprons. Here is the house opposite the Leavenworth home (that was originally white) that our great aunt Charlotte lived in. We were told that the wall you see in front of the house is one of the walls the women built while the men were off to war.

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