Eldred Cemetery—Leavenworth

We visited the Eldred Cemetery in July. Since I have been writing about the Leavenworth side of my family, I thought you might be interested in the photos of their gravestones.

This is the Sherman Styles Leavenworth, his wife Maria and his sons, Martin and Truman.

I imagine that this is referring to Sherman Styles Leavenworth service during the Civil War.

In this plot is a memorial to Atwell and Hezekiah, Sherman’s brothers that died in the Civil War. There is enough room in the plot that I think it’s possible that Sherman Buckley Leavenworth and his wife Charlotte Ingram and their daughter, Julia Ann, (who we think died young) could be buried there. There are no markers, but I know of at least one other marker (Ralph Austin) that is not in the cemetery.

Here’s a site showing Eldred Cemetery. It has my Austin relative gravestones, but no Leavenworth. It does have my Myers great great grandparents and my great great great grandmother, Elizabeth Van Pelt’s memorial stone.

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  1. Mary Austin-Mom Says:

    This is really interesting–the names were so clear and readable–good Photo! Thanks for sending them to me.

  2. Mary Austin-Mom Says:

    Found these very interesting. The one with Atwell and Hezzie was unique, I thought.

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