Martin and Jane Van Pelt Webb Myers Family

I have been posting photos related to the Sherman Leavenworths and their families in my recent posts. Today I have posted the photos of the siblings of Maria Louise Myers Leavenworth, wife of Sherman S. Leavenworth.

Maria’s parents were Martin David Myers and Jane Ann Van Pelt Webb. Jane’s first husband, Henry Cripps Webb, died as well as one of their sons, John Henry. Five years later, Jane married Martin D. Myers.

Jane and Henry’s son, Charles Cripps Webb, was 11 years old when Martin and Jane Myers’ first son, George Washington Taylor Myers was born.

Here are the names and photos I have of Martin and Jane Myers family.

George Washington Taylor Meyers was born in 1846, in New York City. George seems to have been named after his grandmother, Elizabeth Van Pelt’s half-brother, George Washington Taylor, who, the family story says was the partner in the start of the Lord and Taylor store. George Washington Taylor Meyers married Martha Mills and they had two sons, Martin D. and Charles C. Meyers.

David William, the second son of Martin and Jane Meyers was born in July 1848 and died in March 1850

My great grandma Maria Louise Meyers Leavenworth was born next in 1853, in New York City.

I have that Augustus (Gus) Watermon Meyers was born in August 1856, in Highland Lake, NY, and never married.

Charlotte Elizabeth (Lottie) Myers was the youngest child of Martin and Jane Myers. I have that she was born in Eldred in 1858. The photo above is Charlotte’s daughter Agnes.

I thought that the man on the right looked a bit like George Washington Taylor Myers. The photo was taken at Echo Hills Farm.

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  1. Linda Bohs Says:

    Hi Louise - I am very sure that the lady on the left, first row, looking sad, is Aunt Charlotte Leavenworth.


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