Photos of Aida Austin: Eldred, New York

Four Corners, including the gas station.

Eldred Post Office.

Bird’s Eye View of Eldred

Eldred, looking North.

Eldred from Sloner’s residence.

Eldred Stage and Halfway Brook.

Nice view of Eldred.

Sidwell’s Lake Eldred, NY

Eldred in wintertime?

2 Responses to “Photos of Aida Austin: Eldred, New York”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    The photo with the dog walking down the street shows a little of the library. The building shown on the lower left (with 2 columns holding up the front porch roof) is still used as a library today. Behind the church in the same photo you see a 3 story building. That use to be the high school from what I have been told. It no longer stands.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I’m sorry, the photo of the old high school wasn’t in the same photo as the library. It showed in two different photos titled “Eldred in the winter” and “Nice view of Eldred”. In the photo titled “Eldred in the winter”, the library is the building with the hip style roof and a row of many small windows.

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