Sherman B. and Charlotte Leavenworth’s family

Here is Sherman Buckley with his oldest daughter Harriet, her daughter and her granddaughter. Harriet, nicknamed Hattie, lived in Sparrowsbush, was a teacher and she married Henry Palmer. Henry and Harriet had three children.

This is my great grandfather Sherman Styles Leavenworth. Sherman S. married Maria Myers and they had seven children. Their daughter Jane Louise is my grandmother.

The next two sons of Sherman B., Atwell and Hezikiah, died as a result of the Civil War.

John Leavenworth, the youngest son of Sherman B. John married Amelia Bradley and they had four children. Their daughter Hazel lived to be 102 years old!

There was another daughter, Julia Ann who was born in 1855, is in the 1860 census, but we think she died young, as there is no more information on her.

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