Earlier letters to and from McKinley Austin

Madison, NJ
October 5th, 1908

My dear McKinley:
I received your card several days ago and was glad thinking to learn you were all well.

You speak of playing checkers. I have not played a game since I left Eldred, but have often wished you were down here so we might have a good one.

I only wish my sister Annie was as wee as she was a year ago, we would have been with you long since.

Sister Annie is very ill and will never be any better. She is living in Newburg and I saw her about three weeks ago. She was then very sick indeed. I have since learned that she is steadily getting weaker.

When with her she referred to our visit at your place last September. She said how I did enjoy it. And how kind are you folks were in doing so much to entertain us. We cannot soon forget.

This year on account of her condition, we cannot be with you, and Mrs. Collins and my daughter are so fixed they cannot go either, but sometime we hope to again.

Remember me to Aunt Maria, Ida, Uncle Lon, and your papa and mamma.

We all hope you have had a good year this summer and may always have. Don’t forget to remember me to your Grandpa and brothers,

With best wishes for yourself. I am

Sincerely yours,
R B. Collins

Mount Hermon
April 6, 1916
Dear Aunt
I am getting along all right and I like the place very well.

All the fellows I have met so far are nice. There is one from India that I have met. He’s all right too.

Give my regards to all and tell them I’ll write soon.

Your nephew,

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