Aida Austin writes her Brother Lon in 1885

Envelope to Mr. Albert A Austin
Eldred Sullivan Co., NY
from Oswego Nov 16, 1885?

Oswego, NY
Dear Brother,
Your welcome letter was received this morning and instead of going to church I am staying at home in order to answer your letter as I know I shall not have time to do so during the week.

How I wish I could have been there to the donation Thursday evening. Were there any up from Barryville, or any over from Denton? I suppose Aunt Effie and Becca are horrified. Aren’t they? When is Bec going to Polly’s?

There are a great many new girls here this term and some of them are pretty lively. Either Miss Cooper or Miss Myers is up after some of them nearly every night. Friday evening Miss Hall, Miss Bellew and I were all sitting here quietly when we heard a scream in the hall and of course rushed out to see what was the matter.

Some of the girls on the next floor had dressed a broom stick in some old clothes and an old hat and brought it up to Miss Walsh’s door to frighten her, but one of the other girls on this floor happened to be passing through the hall and of course screamed when she saw it. But you could not blame her for it really did look like Satan himself. Well, all the girls rushed out to see what was the matter and one, a real comical tall thin girl grabbed the dressed broomstick in her arms and started on a mad waltz down the hall. She got just opposite the stairs as Miss Cooper’s head appeared above the banisters and such a scampering and noise as there was. Each girl flying for her room and Miss Cooper calling, “Come back girls, come back.”

The two girls that brought the figure up rushed into our room and so escaped Miss Cooper. So the girls that happened to be nearest the stair were the ones that got the scolding. And I guess it was no light scolding for they have been very quiet both yesterday and today.

You spoke in your letter about sending the money by express, if you should, would it come right to me or would I have to go for it? Please let me know if you send it that way, so that it will not get lost.

Love to all. Hoping to hear from you soon I remain your loving sister, Aida

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