Austin Letters: 1901 to 1911

15 20th Ave.
Paterson, NJ
November 19, 1901
Dear Friend,
Once more I take the pleasure in lifting the pen to write a few lines to let you know that I received your kind letter and pleased to learn that Eldred is the same as usual.

You said in the letter that you missed the fair flowers, well I guess you did, the fair flowers did not dare to steal any fruit this summer. My cousins had a bungalow down at Rockaway, Long Island so that is where I spent my vacation.

I went down there three times and certainly had a swell time, but did not get any fruit or coffee like we got at your house. I often think how bold I was to help myself the way I did. But they say in the country everything goes so it must have been that way with me…

Love to all

Oct 23, 1902
To: Lon Austin
Shohola Pike Co., PA

First Ave & First St.
Lakewood, NJ

Dear Lon,
Will you send me as soon as possible one barrel of assorted vegetables, one of apples and one of potatoes to the above address and oblige.
Yours truly,
(Mrs.) Chas. E. Proctor

December 8, 1902
To: Lon Austin
Shohola Pike Co.,
Lochada, PA

First Ave & First St.
Lakewood, NJ
December 7, 1902

Dear Lon
Do not send butter oftener than once in two weeks. We can not use more. Also send another barrel of assorted vegetables and one of apples. I should prefer Baldwin or Greenings and only a few Ben Davies.
Very truly yours,
(Mrs) Chas. E. Proctor

824 Madison St.
Brooklyn, NY
July 7, 1907
Dear Miss Austin
Have your ears tingled today? If they have not, it shows something is wrong with you and you must see to it.
We have been talking much about you today.

Mother wants to come up to your home again, so I told her I would write. She would like to come about the 8th of August. Jessie Hill would come with her if the board could be arranged to suit our pocketbook.

Could they have the rooms we occupied the first summer we were at your home? What board would you charge them?

It seems so strange now when I cannot go to the country, that mother has taken such a notion to go. When I could afford to go and wanted her to do so, she could not be tempted to go. Such is life. People are so contrary. I should love dearly to come but can not do so again this year.

I heard through Miss Crumney that you had passed through much sorrow during the past year. I sympathize very much with you all. Death comes to old and young, but when the aged leave us, we have the feeling that the work has been completed and take comfort. [Maybe referring to the death of Mary Eldred Austin in October 1906.]

At this moment, I am in my mind sitting on your piazza and breathing in the pure fresh air this lovely Sunday afternoon.

Miss Crumney retired in February, but a friend has invited her to go to Saratoga for the summer so she expects to be away in great style.

Will you let me know as soon as possible what you can do for us in rooms and price? Jessie and mother join me in sending love and kind regards.

December 1911
Albert A Austin being duly sworn deposes and says that he is a taxpayer in School District #4, Town of Highland County of Sullivan State of New York.

That on December 5, 1911, he obtained a certified copy of the school tax roll on file in the office of H. L. Eldred, School Tax Collector for Said District.

That certain amounts have been added to said roll, also that the name of George Sidwell has been placed on said roll. That the said Sidwell’s name is not on the assessment roll for the year 1911 and 1912. That the said H. L. Eldred committed the above named acts placing his own assessment on the property of the said Sidwell all without authority from anyone so far as I have been able to learn.

Also, that several other names were added and corrections made that the said H. L. Eldred acknowledged verbally in the presence of myself and George Carner that he made the above named additions and corrections. that the total amount raised by vote of the tax payers at the annual school meeting for the year 1911–1912 was $800. That the present roll by reason of said additions now calls for the sum of Ten Hundred sixty-six and 00/100 dollars 10066 00/100, by reason of the above your petitioner requests that you do not accept said roll without a thorough investigation.

Sworn to before me this 29 day of December 1911.
A A Austin
George Carner
Notary Public

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