Ralph Austin, James H., Ann Mary Schoonover

These photos are courtesy of Kathy T., an Austin relative I met soon after, The MIll on Halfway Brook was published.

I have spent most of this week typing up a wonderful group of ‘new’ old letters for Book 2, that Kathy sent me.

Kathy’s grandmother was Lillie Austin Calkin, daughter of James Eldred Austin and his wife Emma Parmenter. Lillie was born in 1884 in Solomon City, Kansas, and we will meet her in Echo Hill and Mountain Grove, the book I am currently writing.

Very fortunately for me and our family, Lillie saved about everything, I am told. Lillie’s daughter Dorothy, who is still living, gave Lillie’s information to her niece, Kathy, who has shared the sea of information with me.

It is very exciting to have contact with this branch of the Austin family. We seemed to have lost contact with them before 1960.

My great-great-grandfather, Ralph Austin.

Ann Mary Austin Schoonover, daughter of Ralph and Fanny Knapp Austin, and first wife of O.P. Schoonover.

James H. Austin, son of Ralph and Fanny Knapp Austin.

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  1. Daniel Says:

    Nice pictures; are the captions on the last two reversed or was “James” a female name back then? :)

  2. weezy Says:

    Thanks for the correction. Not sure how that happened, but it should be corrected now.

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