Elizabeth Van Pelt’s Bible

“Dear Daughter,

In presenting you with this Holy Book, permit me to say, that my heart’s desire and prayer to God, is, that you may read and understand it, that its sacred contents may cause you to walk close with God and that with David you may be able to say my soul panteth after thee even as the Hart panteth after the water brook; remembering that those who lean on him will never be confounded nor dismayed; but, shall go from strength to strength in this nether world, and hereafter, appear in the Skies above, to join the innumerable company around the throne in songs of ceaseless praise.

From your affectionate Mother,
Elizabeth Van Pelt”

This is a letter from Elizabeth Van Pelt to her daughter Maria after the death of her husband and son when she gave her the Van Pelt Bible. A special thank you to Cynthia for copies of all these photos/documents.

The cover of the Elizabeth van Pelt’s Bible. Her name is printed in gold in the middle, but a bit hard to see.

Here is one of the pages with family records.

These two bookmarks were possibly down by Great Grandma Maria, Elizabeth’s granddaughter.

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