Great Great Grandma Charlotte Griffith Clark

How exciting to find this photo of my great great Grandma Charlotte Freelove Griffith Clark (1836-1930).

From the left: Grandma Myrtle Briggs, Grandpa Irwin Briggs, three Briggs brothers.
In front: Laura Briggs on one side and Mildred on the other.
In the middle: Great Great Grandma Clark and my mom, Mary Briggs is sitting near her. My understanding is that my mom and GGGrandma Clark really hit it off.

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  1. Mom Austin Says:

    Mildred is on the left as you are looking at the picture, and Laura is on the right. I don’t remember this grandmother, I must have been quite young! I have the blue eyes from my 2 grandmothers–maybe I had something about me that made this grandmother think of her family, not sure! Mom

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