More from Ainsworth, Nebraska

These photos are from postcards that I think were taken in Ainsworth, Nebraska. At least the Bank is from Ainsworth. If anyone knows if the farm pictures are of the Briggs’ farm in Ainsworth, please let me know.

If anyone knows what a rakie is, please let me know.

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  1. weezy Says:

    Thanks to Ron Horton, a Higginson Cousin, who sent me this comment:

    Being an old farm hand myself once upon a time, I did quite alot of mowing and raking with horses. I’m almost positive who ever wrote that, that they were talking about hay mowers and dump rakes. That is about the only kind they had back in that day. In that one picture, it showed the old overshot stacker or a slide stacker, I couldn’t be sure which one as the picture wasn’t that clear. But they all went with mowing, raking and stacking of hay for feed in the long winters. I think we had some old pictures that said the same thing, as these looked very familiar, if I’m not mistaken. Most of the farmers or farm hands were lucky if they were able to reach the 6th grade in those good ole days.

  2. Mary Austin-Mom Says:

    My guess (and that is what it is!) a rakie has to do with the machinery they used back there to do the haying!

    I may be wrong. Cal it looks like knows more about it than I do! Mary Austin-Mom A.

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