Cousin Mortimer Bruce Austin writes Great Great Grandpa Ralph Austin

I am going to leave Edith Emogene Austin at Albany Normal in 1872, go back to some older letters, and catch up with Emma later.

Here is an interesting letter from Mortimer Bruce Austin, son of Aruna Augustus and Phebe Eldred Austin. Aruna is a brother of Great Grandpa Henry Austin. The brothers are sons of Ralph Austin, to whom this letter is sent.

New York January 6, 1863

Dear GrandFather,

Your letter of December 18th came to hand in due time and I was very glad to hear from you, but sorry to hear that your health continues so poorly and hope this may find you enjoying better health. I have sent you a paper today by mail containing some very important news which I know you will read with a good deal of pleasure.

General Rosencrans has gained a great victory over the Rebels at Murfreesboro “Tenn.” After fighting five days the Rebels retreated in great disorder and our army is in pursuit of the fleeing enemy. The loss is said to be very heavy on both sides. There has also been a great battle at  Vicksburg and we have gained another glorious victory and the Stars and stripes are now waving over Vicksburg and the Mississippi is cleared of the Rebels. But there is no need of my saying anything about the battles as you can read it in the papers. We have not as yet received any particulars, but as we do I will send you another paper.

We are having very fine weather here at present and so far we have had an exceedingly mild winter.

Business is quite dull at this time, but has been very fair until within a few weeks past. Uncle James is working in the store that he used to cart for and is as well as usual.

Father’s business has been pretty good until lately.

Uncle Samuel was at our house Christamas and stayed two or three days. He has got  his discharge from the army. He looks much better than he did when he was here before.

I received a letter from cousin William Austin last month stating that he was at Nashville and enjoying good health. Said that he had been to Memphis and seen his mother and brother Charles. I don’t think of anything more of importance to write about. All the folks are enjoying good health except mother who has been sick since Christmas but is getting better.

Give my love to all inquiring friends and reserve a share for yourself.

I remain as ever your affectionate grandson,

M. B. Austin

I’m not sure who some of these people are. Here are some possibilities:

Uncle James, son of Ralph and Fanny, wrote the letter from 1858.

Samuel may be Ralph’s brother. Ralph and Fanny had a son named Samuel Knapp Austin, but I have that he died in 1850.

It is interesting that M. B. Austin talks about his father’s business, as I have his father’s death as 1855.

I don’t know who William Austin or his brother Charles are. 

Another letter: This one is from a sister of Mortimer Bruce to Mary or Henry Austin, I think.

Nov. 15, 1863

“Isaac Teed was here Thursday. We went to a party in the evening and had a right nice time. He had a letter from cousin Eddie about a week ago. He said that poor Will was dead. He lived 8 days after being shot and was insensible all the time.”

Net Austin

[Antoinette Augusta Austin, daughter of Aruna Augustus and Maria Eldred Austin.]

Isaac Teed may have been the father-in-law of Samuel Knapp Austin or Clara Austin Teed, a daughter of Ralph and Fanny Austin. (Two of Isaac’s children married Austin siblings.) I suppose it could also be a son or grandson of Isaac.

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