Austin Letters 1918, 1935

Mountain Grove House
C M Austin Proprietor
Eldred, Sullivan County, NY
September 25, 1918

To: Mr. C M Austin
c/o Mrs. Fowler
Monticello, New York

Tuesday night
Dear Mort
Received your letter tonight and will write a few lines. You have been away two days and it seems about that many weeks. You got another nice letter from Raymond. I will send it with this. He has been moved to Balboa. I think that is on the Pacific coast. Wasn’t Balboa the one who discovered the Pacific Ocean? I only wish we could feel as easy over Mac as we do him. I paid Raymond’s Red Cross money over today. They was after it.

Elizabeth still gets along well in school. LIttle Anthony made me a short call after school today. He is a bright kid. We are feeling fine, but only wish you were here. Still it is a good rest for you and likely you will have to work hard all winter.

Willie is feeling alright again so don’t worry about him or us. I will certainly be good for I have no chance to be bad. Take good care of yourself with lots of love,
Mountain Grove House
C M Austin Proprietor
Eldred, Sullivan County, NY
October 2, 1918

To: Mr. C M Austin
c/o Mrs. Fowler
Monticello, New York

Wednesday noon
My dear Mortimer
Just received your letter and was glad to hear you were well. We all feel fine, but this damp weather I keep the children in the house. Verna told me she heard there were a lot of cases of diphtheria in Barryville, but I doubt it. Our phone don’t work right, so I can not find out, but I am careful here.

I got a letter from Ray. I will send it to you. Tonight I am going to get Mac’s letters and the pictures together and send to him.
If Willie don’t feel well any morning, I won’t let him go to work. Mr. Scheuneman is home sick today and beside, he got a sliver in his eye putting on the roof of his building.

I will be glad when you get thourgh “courting” for it is certainly lonesome without anyone to scold.

Well, Elizabeth is ready to go back to school so I must close with love from all, Jennie

X Arthur’s kiss, X Elizabeth’s kiss, X Robbie’s kiss, X mine, X Willie’s
Barre, Massachusetts
December 18, 1918
Dear brother Mort,
Your letter dated Dec 17 at hand. I was very sorry to hear that McKinley was killed and feel his untimely death with you all. There is a great comfort in knowing he died in action in a good cause. It is with pride I think of your boys, not only of those that got in the army, but of Will for the ? and grit in the willingness he showed when I was at your house to get in the fight.

I am sorry to hear Jennie and the children were sick and hope they are well now.

I received a letter form Lillie last week. She said they are all well.

John Parmenter’s youngest daughter died in Chicago a short time ago from influenza.

Is Tom and Emma Collins in Eldred this winter or did they go to the city.

I don’t know of anything here that would interest you so will close with love to all. Eldred [James Eldred Austin, Grandpa Mort's brother.]

Ossining, NY, June 9, 1935

Dear Brother Mort
I was very sorry to read in the paper your house was burned. I hope you was well insured. Even if you were insured, it is a terrible loss and especially to one as old as you and Jennie and you have spent so many years of hard labor to get a home and then lose it by fire is mighty tough to hear. When you get time and fell like it, I hope you will write and tell me about it and what you are going to do. How is Jennie and the boys coming on? I hope they are all well and the boys have got work.

Where is Raymond living? How much of a family has he? Is Will married?

I suppose Lon and Ida are on the old place.

It is so cold we have a fire tonight.

Just after FDR was elected, Lon wrote me he was glad we had a Roosevelt to lead us out of the wilderness. Well, I think FDR has led us out of the wilderness into the jungle or the mire into the quagmire. I believe we will go down in the slough of despair until the people repent and call to God for help. Love to all, Ell [James Eldred Austin, Grandpa Mort's brother.]

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  1. Katherine Calkin Traxler Says:

    I am a great granddaughter of James Eldred Austin and am very excited to have found this site. I have many letters and pictures written by family members including Uncle Mort, William Austen, James Eldred Austen, Aida, Emma, Tina and several by Abby Smith to her cousins, Emma, Ida and Maria. I also have many pictures, many with no names on them. My grandmother was Lydia (Lillie) Earl Austin Calkin. She was born April 25, 1884 in Salina, Kansas.

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