Not David and Anna Dobson Fillmore

Update from Cal Bivens: As I pursued information on other members of Elijah Crabtree’s family, William’s daughters led me to the Dekalb County marriage records and then to census records once I had their married names. Long story short - I have seen photos of David Fillmore and wife and these are not them. I firmly believe that “Anna” is one of William’s daughters and “David” is her husband. I do not have enough information to identify which daughter, however. But I think I can see a resemblance.

Louise: I have updated this post accordingly.

David Horace Fillmore (1839 to 1915), Veteran of the Civil War, 8th Illinois Cavalry.

Husband of Anna Crabtree.

Anna Dobson Fillmore (1845–?)

Anna Crabtree.

William Crabtree was the son of Elijah and Priscilla Sharp Crabtree, brother to Rachel Crabtree, Sarah Gill Crabtree, Joseph Sutton Crabtree, and John Crabtree who died in the Civil War.

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