Clarence Milton Fallin and Arnettia “Nettie” Lavenia Williams

Young Clarence Fallin.

Wedding of Clarence and Nettie.

Clarence and Nettie in older years.

The Fallin home.

2 Responses to “Clarence Milton Fallin and Arnettia “Nettie” Lavenia Williams”

  1. Lance Fallin Says:

    Hi Cousins! Did Clarence and Nettie have a son called “Truman Fallin” ?
    I believe he was the one that my grand-Aunt Doris Fallin use to correspond with for many years. Truman lived in California and Aunt Doris in Missouri.

  2. weezy Says:

    Hi Lance,

    Yes, Clarence and Nettie had a son Truman Fallin who was born in Oklahoma in 1910. We last saw him in January 1987. I’m not sure of the year that he died.

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