Edward Townes Fallin and Julia Louise Simmons

Edward Townes Fallin, father of Clarence Milton Fallin, was in the Confederate army during the Civil War.

Julia Louise Simmons Fallin was the mother of Clarence
Milton Fallin.

Edward and Julia Fallin and son George Minor Fallin, Sr.,
brother of Clarence Milton.

Allen and Ada Fallin Clark. Ada was a daughter of Ed and
Julia and a sister of Clarence Fallin and George Minor Fallin Sr.

Walter and Alma Fallin Payne. Alma was a daughter of Ed and
Julia and a sister of Clarence Fallin and George Minor Fallin Sr.

5 Responses to “Edward Townes Fallin and Julia Louise Simmons”

  1. Lance Fallin Says:

    I am George Minor Fallin Jr’s grandson! I have these pictures too (copies of them anyway). I guess we’re cousins huh? nice website!

  2. weezy Says:

    Hi Lance,

    Thanks for stopping by. I think that makes you second cousins with my husband Gary.

  3. Lance Fallin Says:

    Hi weezy! We have more Fallin relatives down in Magnolia and Conroe.

    I have a great Uncle Milt Fallin (Clarence Milton Fallin) that goes back and forth from Missouri and Texas to see his daughters and grandkids and all that.

    Clarence Milton Fallin is the son of George Minor Fallin Senior, GM Fallin Sr. is the brother of the Clarence Fallin that you all are related to.

    So Clarence Milton Fallin (Milt) (born in 1929?) has an uncle Clarence Fallin. (That Uncle Clarence was born in the 1800’s)

    My dad was basically the last one of us born in Arkansas, most in my generation were either born in Missouri, California or Texas. (Yeah we kind of have a California bunch too, that’s another long story for another time)

  4. Lance Fallin Says:

    Alma (Fallin) Payne, I just remembered having a picture of her pouring a pot of tea at her home in McDermott, Arkansas. I’ll get all these pictures straightened out and collected together and scan ‘em … so you can her in her later years. We’re related to Shoffner, Buckles, Beard, Simmons in Woodruff and Jackson county Arkansas, and we’re related to Johnson family in Clay county … well on our side of the branch anyway.

  5. Alyssa Jones Says:

    Great photos! I came across this post doing genealogy research for my family tree. My paternal grandmother was a Buckles.

    My Fallin relationship is distant … Edward Townes Fallin is the great grandfather of the wife of my 2nd cousin 3x removed. :-)

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