The Hawk’s Nest

The road to and from Port Jervis to either Eldred or Barryville is a gorgeous drive known to my mom, who travelled it during her growing up days, as the Hawk’s Nest. We didn’t have time to see the Eagles in the area, but you can see the map and other information on this site:

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  1. Mary Austin-Mom Says:

    2 comments–The bridge after the port Jervis bridge is, I’m quite sutre the Pond Eddy bridge. It is near the road you probably took to Glen Spey. My friend Ruth Worzel lived along that road, you probably went past the Pond Eddy School too.

    If you look in the first Hawk’s nest road picture, yousill see an island. It is clled Cherry Island probably because it is such a round shape.

    When we first moved to Barryville the road sign on the Hawk’s Nest said watch for falling rocks. It scared people so much my mother said, so they chnged it to Watch for “Fallen Rocks”!

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