Children of Sherman S. and Maria Leavenworth

Here are the children of my great grandparents, Sherman S. and Maria Meyers Leavenworth. I am gathering information on each of them, so that sometime in the future, I will be able to feature a bio on each person.

Anna Mae Leavenworth was born in Eldred, NY in 1875.

Truman E. Leavenworth was born in Eldred in 1878.

Jane Louise Leavenworth, my grandmother was born in 1880 and her sister, Charlotte E. Leavenworth, was born 9 years later.

James Garfield Leavenworth, Cynthia’s grandfather, was born in 1882.

Martin David Leavenworth was born in 1884.

Daughter Christina Hayes was born in 1894.

Maria and Sherman Leavenworth with four of their children.

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