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George Shattuck

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

George Shattuck.
George Shattuck married my great great grandma Mary Donaldson Higginson in Nebraska, late in 1890, a couple weeks before her daughter Ida married John Crabtree. Mary’s husband Edward had died of Civil War wounds in 1873. George was also in the Civil War and his wife had died in 1887. Family information I received indicates that the some of the Crabtree families knew George from Illinois days. Thanks to cousin Ron for the photo.

Barryville, New York, Flooding 2006

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Here are recent photos of the Barryville bridge, the high water, and also the Roebling Bridge a bit higher up the Delaware. Thank you to Cousin Cynthia for forwarding these photos that her brother took.

Barryville Bridge

Compare this to the photo in the header of Same bridge, but this photo is from the flooding in 2006.

They are building a new bridge along side of it and it is, I think, going to be 6 feet higher.

The Roebling bridge in normal times. The Roebling Bridge goes across the Delaware a bit higher up the river. It was designed by Mr. Roebling who designed the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Roebling Bridge during the recent flooding.