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World War I October 1918 through 1919

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Pier 18, Balboa CZ, October 1, 1918
Dear Father,
Your letter from Monticello received today. I was very glad to hear from you. I saw your name on the jury list, so was not surprised. Did they try many interesting cases this session?

I have been on the rifle range or gallery twice. The first record I made was 13 scores out of 75 possible points. There was only one fellow who was as low as I was. The second time at 75 yards, I shot 30 points, a trifle above the average. The rifle we use for target practice weights 8 pounds and shoots .22 shot cartridges.

I didn’t get the papers yet, but probably will before long. Mother said she was going to send me a package. I would advise her to send things to eat for any perishable things will sure “perish” before they get here. However, I could use towels, handkerchiefs, soap, three in one oil, shoe polish, etc. very well and it would leave me nearly all of my $7.00 each month. I would also like my razor.

Have you heard from Mac lately? I suppose he has had a hand in the fighting by this time. I wish I could be with him now.

I think Bulgaria’s surrender is the very first sign that the balance is beginning to swing in our favor. Turkey again cut off from German aid will soon quit. Germany and Austria, Hungaria may fight on indefinitely and we will probably meet with bloody Chechs before Metz, Strasburg, Ai La leofapp C and the other Rhine fortresses fall. I hope next year will end it.

PS Am enclosing some pictures, and Chinese, Japanese, and Austrian money. Your son, Raymond

Wednesday noon, Mountain Grove House, Eldred, October 2, 1918
To: Mr. C M Austin
c/o Mrs. Fowler, Monticello, New York
My dear Mortimer,
Just received your letter and was glad to hear you were well. We all feel fine, but this damp weather I keep the children in the house. Verna told me she heard there were a lot of cases of diphtheria in Barryville, but I doubt it. Our phone don’t work right, so I can not find out, but I am careful here.

I got a letter from Ray. I will send it to you. Tonight I am going to get Mac’s letters and the pictures together and send to him.

If Willie don’t feel well any morning, I won’t let him go to work. Mr. Scheuneman is home sick today and beside, he got a sliver in his eye putting on the roof of his building.

I will be glad when you get though “courting” for it is certainly lonesome without anyone to scold.
Well, Elizabeth is ready to go back to school so I must close with love from all, Jennie
X Arthur’s kiss, X Elizabeth’s kiss X Robbie’s kiss, X mine, X Willie’s