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Martin and Jane Van Pelt Webb Myers Family

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I have been posting photos related to the Sherman Leavenworths and their families in my recent posts. Today I have posted the photos of the siblings of Maria Louise Myers Leavenworth, wife of Sherman S. Leavenworth.

Maria’s parents were Martin David Myers and Jane Ann Van Pelt Webb. Jane’s first husband, Henry Cripps Webb, died as well as one of their sons, John Henry. Five years later, Jane married Martin D. Myers.

Jane and Henry’s son, Charles Cripps Webb, was 11 years old when Martin and Jane Myers’ first son, George Washington Taylor Myers was born.

Here are the names and photos I have of Martin and Jane Myers family.

George Washington Taylor Meyers was born in 1846, in New York City. George seems to have been named after his grandmother, Elizabeth Van Pelt’s half-brother, George Washington Taylor, who, the family story says was the partner in the start of the Lord and Taylor store. George Washington Taylor Meyers married Martha Mills and they had two sons, Martin D. and Charles C. Meyers.

David William, the second son of Martin and Jane Meyers was born in July 1848 and died in March 1850

My great grandma Maria Louise Meyers Leavenworth was born next in 1853, in New York City.

I have that Augustus (Gus) Watermon Meyers was born in August 1856, in Highland Lake, NY, and never married.

Charlotte Elizabeth (Lottie) Myers was the youngest child of Martin and Jane Myers. I have that she was born in Eldred in 1858. The photo above is Charlotte’s daughter Agnes.

I thought that the man on the right looked a bit like George Washington Taylor Myers. The photo was taken at Echo Hills Farm.

Children of Sherman S. and Maria Leavenworth

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Here are the children of my great grandparents, Sherman S. and Maria Meyers Leavenworth. I am gathering information on each of them, so that sometime in the future, I will be able to feature a bio on each person.

Anna Mae Leavenworth was born in Eldred, NY in 1875.

Truman E. Leavenworth was born in Eldred in 1878.

Jane Louise Leavenworth, my grandmother was born in 1880 and her sister, Charlotte E. Leavenworth, was born 9 years later.

James Garfield Leavenworth, Cynthia’s grandfather, was born in 1882.

Martin David Leavenworth was born in 1884.

Daughter Christina Hayes was born in 1894.

Maria and Sherman Leavenworth with four of their children.

Sherman B. and Charlotte Leavenworth’s family

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Here is Sherman Buckley with his oldest daughter Harriet, her daughter and her granddaughter. Harriet, nicknamed Hattie, lived in Sparrowsbush, was a teacher and she married Henry Palmer. Henry and Harriet had three children.

This is my great grandfather Sherman Styles Leavenworth. Sherman S. married Maria Myers and they had seven children. Their daughter Jane Louise is my grandmother.

The next two sons of Sherman B., Atwell and Hezikiah, died as a result of the Civil War.

John Leavenworth, the youngest son of Sherman B. John married Amelia Bradley and they had four children. Their daughter Hazel lived to be 102 years old!

There was another daughter, Julia Ann who was born in 1855, is in the 1860 census, but we think she died young, as there is no more information on her.

Sherman Styles Leavenworth and Maria Louise Meyers

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Here are some photos of the proprieter of the Echo Hill house, my great grandfather (son of Sherman Buckley the builder of the house), Sherman Styles Leavenworth and his wife Maria.

This may be a photo of Sherman in the Civil War.

Sherman Buckley Leavenworth

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Here is a photos of Sherman Buckley Leavenworth, my great great grandfather, with his oldest daughter Harriet and her family.

The taxes Sherman B. paid back in 1881 for 195 acres. I imagine this tax was for the property and house that I visited in New York and that became Echo Hill farm.

Eldred, New York

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Today’s photos are postcards of different views of Eldred, thanks to Cynthia and a photo of the Eldred Inn as it currently is, thanks to my husband Gary.

Civil War Trees and Walls Women Built

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

When Cynthia and I visited the Sherman Buckley Leavenworth home, we were told a couple stories from the Civil War era.

Sherman B. and his wife Charlotte had 4 sons that were in the Civil War. (Son John served in the army in the west.) When their sons went off to war, four trees were planted, one for each of them. Two sons, Hezikiah and Atwell died, so their trees were cut down. The photos show the two trees that are still standing.

The other story relates how the women finished the walls the men had started before going to war by carrying the stones in their aprons. Here is the house opposite the Leavenworth home (that was originally white) that our great aunt Charlotte lived in. We were told that the wall you see in front of the house is one of the walls the women built while the men were off to war.

From Port Jervis, New York to Eldred, New York

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

The first two photos are crossing the bridge at Port Jervis on the way to meet Cynthia in Eldred.
The second two photos was a bridge to our left on the way to Eldred.

Sipping Cider from a Straw at the Echo Hill Farm

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

The Echo Hill Farm’s summer kitchen addition is in the background of this photo of Truman Leavenworth and Clarence Sergeant drinking cider out of the barrel with a long straw.

From left to right: Great Grandmother Maria Myers Leavenworth;
Great Aunt Christina Leavenworth;
Great Uncle Truman Leavenworth and his friend Clarence Sergeant; and
Great Grandfather Sherman S. Leavenworth on far right.

Haying on Echo Hill Farm.
Great Grandpa Sherman S. is standing by the haystack. His son, my great uncle and Cynthia’s Grandfather, Garfield is standing in front of the hay wagon.

Here is the owner of Echo Hill Farm, Sherman L. Leavenworth, my great grandfather.

The Hawk’s Nest

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

The road to and from Port Jervis to either Eldred or Barryville is a gorgeous drive known to my mom, who travelled it during her growing up days, as the Hawk’s Nest. We didn’t have time to see the Eagles in the area, but you can see the map and other information on this site: