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Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Photo and information courtesy of Cal Bivens.

Photo and information courtesy of Cal Bivens.

Sarah Miranda Crabtree (1834-1930)
Sarah was born in 1834 in St. John County, New Brunswick, Canada. On October 12, 1854 Sarah married Leonard Francis Gill, son of Daniel Gill & Lorinda Leland, in Portland, Maine. Len, as he was called, was born on November 2, 1830 in Portland, Maine. Leonard Francis Gill was killed on April 9, 1864 at the Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana; he was 33. Sarah Crabtree Gill died in Chicago, Illinois on March 19, 1930 at the age of 96 years.

Sarah and Leonard had the following children:

Lorinda Laura Gill
Lorinda was born on August 15, 1855 in Portland, Maine. Laura died in Illinois, Chicago, on February 7, 1952; she was 96.

On July 24, 1877 when Lorinda Laura Gill married Robert Grainger, son of Robert Grainger and Margaret Hood, in DuPage County, Illinois. Robert was born on December 10, 1846 in Glasgow, Scotland. He died in Chicago, Illinois on November 30, 1933 he was 86.

    Robert and Lorinda Laura Gill Grainger had the following children:
    Sarah Isabelle Grainger
    Sarah Isabelle born in 1878, married Mr. Breymer.

    Robert L. Grainger
    Born in 1881. Robert married Lillian Rosenow. He served in the army in World War I.

    William Wallace Grainger
    Born on July 5, 1895 in Illinois, Chicago. William Wallace died in Skokie, Illinois in October 1982; he was 87. Bill married Hallie Ward. She was born in 1886. Hallie died in 1982; she was 96. They had two children.

    Laura Ellen Grainger
    Born on May 16 1886. Laura Ellen died in Oak Park, Illinois in September 1978; she was 92.

    Margaret Louise Grainger
    Born on March 23, 1882.

Daniel Louis Gill
Born on February 26, 1858 in Virgil, Illinois. He married Caroline (Carrie) Louise Nathan, daughter of Louis Nathan & Fredericka Knapel, in Cook County, Illinois,

    Daniel and Carrie Nathan Gill had the following children:
    Dorothy Laura Gill
    Born on May 26, 1889 in Chicago, Illinois. Dorothy Laura Gill died in Port Washington, Wisconsin on July 7, 1906; she was 17.

    Leonard Louis Gill
    Born on November 5, 1890 in Chicago, Illinois. Leonard Louis died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 28 1983; he was 92. He was buried in Port Washington, Wisconsin Union Cemetery. Leonard Louis married Olga.

    Sarah Minnie Gill
    Born on August 13, 1892 in Franklin Park, Illinois. Sarah Minnie died in Lancaster, California on September 30, 1986; she was 94. Sarah Minnie first married Ralph DeRoy Gates. He died in 1939 in Redlands, California. They had eight children.

    Daniel Leland Gill
    Born on 8 April 8, 1895 in Franklin Park, Illinois. Daniel Leland died in Lancaster, California, on April 13, 1977; he was 82. He was buried on April 15, 1977 in Wood National Cemetery, Wood, Wisconsin.

    Robert Nathan Gill
    Born on April 8, 1895 in Franklin Park, Illinois. Robert Nathan died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on November 25, 1964; he was 69. Robert was buried on November 28, 1964 in Evergreen Cemetery, Glendale, Wisconsin. Robert Nathan married Lillian.

    Louise Margaret Gill
    Born in 1900. About 1924 when Louise Margaret married David (Roy) Wood.

Francis Harris Gill
Born on August 28, 1860. Francis Harris died in Illinois, Chicago, on May 13, 1873; he was 12.

Children of Elijah Harris Crabtree and Priscilla Sutton Sharp

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

The following was shared by Cal Bivens.

Joseph Sutton Crabtree (1818 - ? )

Joseph was born in October 1818 (baptized on September 16, 1821) at Hampstead/Westfield in Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada.  Joseph Crabb married Sarah Ann Giggey July 13, 1846 in St. John, New Brunswick.  Both individuals were from Portland Parish, St. John.  Sarah was born about 1828 in St. John County, New Brunswick.  She was reportedly the daughter of John Giggey and presumably a niece of Joseph’s aunt Mary Giggey Crabtree.

Joseph was a farmer. Joseph and William probably came to the United States with their uncle, Richard A. Crabtree, his sons Arnold, and George, daughter Amy Beecham and her husband, Thomas in 1848. There may have been a stop in Portland, Maine. Elijah, the father of Joseph and William lived there and is documented there from 1850 through 1859.

In 1850 Joseph, his wife and child shared a house with Billy and Margaret.  After this I lost track of Joseph and Sarah.  He seems to have sold his place to his brother, William, and returned to Canada between 1850 and 1855.

In the 1881 census for Canada, Joseph and his family were enumerated in Wilmot, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.  Joseph, age 48, was a farmer and a Free Will Baptist. Sarah was also a Free Will Baptist as was their son, James.

Joseph came back to the United States in 1891, sometime after Sarah died (?).  He bought a place in Lafayette County, Mississippi near Oxford.  He was a truck farmer there.  In 1900 Billy and his wife lived there with him. I see nothing yet that tells when they settled in Mississippi. Joseph later went to Illinois.

By 1910 Joseph was in Illinois. He was living with his niece, Laura Gill and her family in Grant Township, Lake County, Illinois. Since he was 91 years old at this time I think it is likely that he died at this place, however I can find no evidence of a death certificate for him in Illinois.

Sons of Joseph and Sarah Giggey Crabtree: (more…)